Esprit Concrete - Movement to Empower

Injury Therapy Pro and Esprit Concrete are working together to deliver an integrated approach to health, wellness, therapy and movement. The mind and the body do not work in isolation. Issues affecting one, can manifest themselves in the other, whether positive or negative, therefore effecting our structure, function, performance, and progression in all areas of life.

Our unique collaboration addresses physical and mental restrictions, imbalances, injuries, acute/chronic pain, and barriers to healing using CBT, Psychology, Osteopathy, Mindfulness and Parkour. 

How can this help you? In more ways than you may realise. As an extension to our clinic's holistic approach, Esprit Concrete's structured classes and sessions allow for personal development through identifying aspects of ones psychological, physical and emotional states. The participant gains a deeper understanding of themselves and works on elements through movement, self-reflection and Parkour. 

We are made to move. Movement is life. Yet modern city lifestyles today often inhibit this. We cannot recommend Esprit Concrete's sessions highly enough, and regular attendees receive 20% off follow up treatments at Injury Therapy Pro. Please see their website for more information.