The Strength Test

I had posted this on Facebook a while ago, but thought I'd repost it here as a good friend of mine recently took on this challenge and has now given up smoking! Well Done to him. He'll benefit way more than he currently realises.

A test of inner strength that is..

Every once in a while, or more often if possible, it's good and indeed healthy to test ones inner strength. And so I propose a little self challenge. This is theoretically very simple and totally personal to the individual. Therefore it's level of difficulty is set by you, how well you do is monitored by you and what you gain from it will be totally personal to you.

The 24 hour abstinence test. So this could be anything.. The morning coffee that you 'need' (?), or the 5 you have throughout the day. The chocolates you always tear your way through every lunchtime. Alcohol that you now seem to be drinking EVERY day. Smoking! (this is a great challenge to set), eating fast food, not using Facebook!! Crispy bacon? - The possibilities are endless

Remember this is an abstinence test of inner strength, so for the set period of time (preferably a minimum of 24 hours) you should totally stop the chosen activity. Reducing it doesn't count. And the best part is, after you've completed the test, you can resume your activity :o)


  • Challenge yourself!
  • There's no point giving up alcohol for 24 hours on Sunday when you've been drinking for 24 hours on Saturday.
  • Try to pick something that you will benefit from in some way. 
  • It must be challenging and personal to you.
  • Post your coments, thoughts, experiences and challenges


Well, because you can. Or can you? It's sometimes an interesting test to take because it's an opportunity to find out how much of a slave to things you are. Or to put it another way,how much in control you are of yourself. A test of character and a test of strength.

Please post your coments, thoughts, experiences and challenges.